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Dr. Durbin was my older son’s doctor and now he is my younger son’s. He is the best orthodontist that I know! The staff are also very friendly and helpful. You will feel you are in good hands when you come to them!
- Heather

Great doctor and excellent service. Went for braces for my two kids. Both are almost done now and we are very happy for the services that we received as well as for the very reasonable price that we paid for the services. Would definitely recommend Dr. Durbin to others.
- Umesh P.

Dr.Durbin has been my orthodontist for four years and I haven’t had one bad experience with him. 10/10 recommend this doctor. My teeth look great!!!
- Iarsa Y.

Dr. Durbin's office is the best. Believe me, I have something I can compare with. My son is done with his treatment. We never had to sit in the waiting room for more than a couple of minutes. They were always easy to reach over the phone. Never a billing problem, I never had to call our insurance company. The price for my son's braces was the best! Everyone was polite and professional. Last but not least, my son has nice teeth now instead of a mouth that looked like a beak.
- Anna G.

My daughter has quite the beautiful smile with her gorgeous straight teeth! Dr. Durbin and his staff are exceptional in all they do. Appointments are on time and quick. They will accommodate you in emergencies and answer any and all questions. Dr. Durbin very much tweaked and adjusted my daughters braces until it was just the perfect shape that lent to a natural and very pretty look for her face. I can 100% recommend Dr. Michael Durbin and his staff to anyone looking for orthodontic work.
- Karen O.

My ten-year-old son's dentist recommended phase one ortho work for him. We searched high and low and by far Dr. Durbin's price is the most competitive and so far my insurance covers every penny (One practice asked for twice the price and would take only 50% insurance). He's done with the expanding, crooked teeth are all nice and straight and he is now wearing a retainer. We are satisfied with everything especially the punctuality of this office. Would recommend him in a heartbeat!
- Mai N.

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