Retainers Des Plaines IL | Michael Durbin DDS MS Orthodontist

Retainers are worn after the braces are removed to maintain the alignment of the teeth. Dr. Durbin recommends long term retention to hold the teeth in place. The longer retainers are worn, the better the chances of keeping that great smile intact! Research has shown that retainers should be worn forever to avoid shifting of the teeth as we age. There are many different types of retainers:

Invisible Retainersessix

Dr. Durbin typically uses this type of retainer at the end of full orthodontic treatment. This retainer is typically worn only at night, but must be worn every night. Keep this retainer clean by rinsing it thoroughly in the morning to avoid tartar build up on the retainer.

Bonded Retainersbonded 3-3

This retainer is used for the bottom teeth after full braces are removed. It is important not to bite into apples, carrots, etc. on the front teeth as this can loosen the lower retainer. If the retainer should become loose, save the wire and call our office to have it rebonded.

Hawley Retainershawley

This retainer can be used after full treatment or Phase I treatment. Dr. Durbin recommends that this retainer be worn at all times, even while eating, to avoid losing the retainer.

Lower Holding Archlha

This retainer is used for those patients that have completed Phase I treatment. It is cemented to the 6 year molars which allows the baby teeth to be lost, while maintaining space for the adult teeth.

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