Orthodontic Emergencies

Michael Durbin DDS MS Orthodontist

emergency cardProper care of your braces will help you avoid most orthodontic emergencies, but sometimes even with proper care an issue may arise with your braces. If you are having a problem with your braces, first refer to the emergency card that we gave you when you had your braces placed. This card will outline common emergencies and treatments for those emergencies. If you are unable to resolve the emergency after referring to the card, you can reach Dr. Durbin at home at 847-818-0850. Some common emergencies are:

Poking Wire

If a wire is poking, first try to push it in with an eraser or a spoon. If you are unable to push the wire, place wax on the poking wire and call our office to make an appointment to have it fixed.

Broken Bracket or Band

If a bracket or bond comes loose from the tooth, call the office to make an appointment to have it rebonded.

Sore Teeth

It is not uncommon to have some soreness in your teeth after the braces have been placed or after an adjustment. Dr. Durbin recommends that Tylenol or ibuprofen be taken to relieve this discomfort.

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