Descending Impacted Canines

As your child's adult smile is coming in it's possible to run into complications. Impacted canines are not very common, but they are something to be on the lookout for with the help of your Des Plaines, IL, orthodontist. Impacted teeth need to be treated early to maximize success and to avoid problems in the future. Learn more about impacted canines and methods of treatment by contacting Dr. Michael Durbin, a board certified orthodontist.

Impacted Teeth

A tooth can become impacted for a variety of reasons, and the ones you may most be familiar with are impacted wisdom teeth. These come in later in life, typically young adulthood, but the idea is the same as with impacted canines. The easiest way to think about an impacted tooth is simply imagining a tooth that is stuck and comes out improperly, so they end up causing problems for neighboring teeth.

You may be able to spot an impacted canine by sight, as impacted teeth either don't erupt at all or only partially past the gum line, but this may not always be the case. Sometimes it's the problems they cause that give them away. Because they push other teeth, this pressure can cause pain that radiates through the entire mouth and can feel like headaches. Gums around the tooth can also redden and become inflamed.

In the long run, if left untreated, they can cause decay or damage on adjacent teeth.


When wisdom teeth become impacted, the traditional solution is to extract them before they induce any of the above-mentioned problems. But canines are very important to your child's smile and bite.

Surgery is a possibility for severely impacted teeth, but it can often be avoided with early treatment, and one of the most effective forms of treatment is braces. Braces can clear a path for the impacted tooth to safely emerge and erupt properly.

Braces in Des Plaines, IL

Braces are very versatile in that they can help correct a wide variety of dental conditions your child may encounter. To make sure they are getting the best possible treatment at the earliest possible time make sure to come in for regular visits. That way, their orthodontist can keep track of emerging teeth via imaging exams so that there are no costly surprises. So come in for a consultation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Durbin in Des Plaines, IL, by dialing (847) 824-0154.

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